John Noble and Hugo Weaving, two of the biggest top stars to come from Australia, join together for The Mule, which will have a limited United States theatrical release on November 21st. The Mule is directed and written by Angus Sampson, who stars as the poor unwitting protagonist Ray Jenkins. As the trailer shows, The Mule is one-part gritty crime drama and one-part dark comedy. The Mule gives off the aura that it is Australia’s answer to Guy Richie’s Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

Jenkins, who returns to Australia from a trip to Thailand, is detained by law enforcement under the suspicion that he is illegal transporting cocaine from Thailand. He goes through the cavity search, including the humiliating ordeal of getting anally probed, but turns up nothing. One of the detectives, played by Weaving, is unconvinced that Jenkins is clean.

Instead of letting Jenkins go, the detectives plan to hold him in a motel room for seven days straight. If Jenkins does not produce the evidence in that time, the cops have to release him. Seven days should be easy enough, but not when you are a drug mule.

That means Jenkins cannot drop a “deuce” for seven days. The cops are doing all they can to force Jenkins to do the “number two,” but he is doing all he can to resist. Coming to Jenkins’ side is a defense lawyer, played by Georgina Haig.

If dealing with the cops was not hard enough, Jenkins has to deal with the local drug cartel. The leader, played by John Noble, wants Jenkins dead before he risks giving out information of the secret trade.

Jenkins’ predicament somewhat mirrors Timmy’s situation in the Chinese crime drama Drug War.

A very f—cked situation hangs over Jenkins’ head. He can fess up and get slapped with a bunch of drug charges or get killed by the local drug cartel. Neither option is appealing to Jenkins.

First, Jenkins has to see if he can hold it all in for seven days straight. The cops are not making it easy for him.

Noble and Weaving previously worked together on Lord of the Rings.

Weaving is currently working on The Dressmaker. His other two films, Strangerland and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, are in post-production. He once again reprises Elrond for The Hobbit.

His other internationally known roles include Agent Smith in The Matrix Trilogy and Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Noble can currently be seen on FOX’s Sleepy Hollow, where he plays Henry Parrish, the Sin Eater, the Horseman of War, and the son of Ichabod Crane. His last major role was Dr. Walter Bishop in Fringe.

Haig is currently cast in ABC’s Once Upon A Time as Elsa, the same Elsa from the hit Disney animated musical Frozen.

IMDb currently gives The Mule a 7.1 out of 10 rating and Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 93% rating. The Mule literally uses bathroom humor and turns it into a compelling story. On the festival circuit, The Mule was screened at SXSW, New Zealand International Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival,Busan International Film Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival, and German Fantasy Filmfest.

While The Mule receives a limited US release, it also gets an international digital release.

Originally written for and published on Digital Journal.

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