There is an all new episode of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow airing tonight. Fringe fans can’t wait to see more of John Noble. Noble plays Henry Parish/ Jeremy Crane / The Horseman of War, all in one. You can also soon see/hear Noble as the Scarecrow, in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight, video game. Check out the previews for both the new episode and the game.

The official plot synopsis for tonight’s all new episode of Sleepy Hollow, titled “Root of All Evil,” reads:

“A violent bank robbery puts Ichabod and Abbie on a quest for a mysterious silver coin that possesses unusual power. Meanwhile, Capt. Irving faces a difficult choice involving his family; and the bond between the Mills sisters is tested.”

Recently, John Noble spoke to HitFix about the three sides of Henry Parish/ Jeremy Crane / The Horseman of War, and his relationship with Moloch:

It’s probably easier than it looks because he’s ruled by… He’s still got an undeveloped teenage boy running around him that’s how he went out. That’s what he brings with him so you’ll still see that …and that’s the Jeremy character. The Henry is someone with the wisdom to play people, to play the game and he does that in pursuit of his goal, which is to get revenge on mom and dad. That’s what he does. The third one, I’m not even sure that he’s comfortable with, that is the uncomplicated unquestioning soldier of Moloch. Moloch’s a pig. He’s ugly and he’s a pig of a man or whatever he is.”

Noble went on add that Moloch doesn’t completely control him:

“There is no indication that he’s taken a mentor at all. And it’s a beautiful question, by the way, which I think is probably why he seems to be so unreasonably and immature in his approaches. He’s got no one to tell him, even though he’s an old man. No one has told him how to be a man even. He’s picked it up as he’s got along. And we haven’t done much exploration on what happened in those 13/14 years prior to it, but it was a lot. And I do think about that sometimes what brought him to the stage that we meet him in season one, already into the game of the doddering old man playing… It’s all a game, so what did he do to get there? And I’ve got something running and it may be revealed sometime, I don’t know.”

Noble, will soon be playing a different Crane, Dr. Jonathan Crane A.K.A. The Scarecrow in Batman: Arkham Knight, the video game. Check out the game play trailer below to see Noble in all his creepy glory:

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